Hose Basket re-purposed as a Fruit Basket

Good Afternoon all!

In my Kitchen I have limited counter space and I HATE THINGS on my counter if they don’t need to be there, so I am always looking for ways to keep my counter clean. I had a fruit basket that was free standing, and it was always in the way and falling off the counter plus it was not big enough for us, and fruit would fall out… it was a hot mess!!!! (Here is the picture of my old Fruit Basket. I plan to re-purpose my fruit basket later… stay tuned for that)


So, as always I hit the internet and did not find anything I liked. So, I allowed my mind to do what it does best and thought of things to use instead of the one I had. Then I had an AHA Moment! I remember being at Target a few weeks ago and remembered seeing this little guy:

(I added the link from Target in case you want one for yourself)

So I went to Target and bought it and brought it home… I had to make a few changes and add some Black Grip Beaded Shelf Liner (you can almost get this anywhere like Walmart & Target)


to the bottom of it, so the fruit wouldn’t fall through all I did was use my hot glue gun and trace the bottom of the fruit basket onto the liner and cut it, then glued it. Then I installed it and added my fruit and Ta-Da I got this:


I love it and I hope it works for you.

BTW: This project only cost me under $25.