S’more Cupcakes



S'More Cupcake With Logo2S'More Cupcake With LogoHello All! I am at it again and since I am a  stay at home mom with the desire to Bake it has recently taken off and I have made it a hobby of mine that I find to be therapeutic! I love to bake and that is why I decided to add Frosting Fridays to my blog! I am hoping that I can add a new baked good to my blog weekly (Lord Willing!)… Since it is the beginning of Spring I thought I would start frosting Fridays with one of my favorite Cupcakes the S’more Cupcake and they are delicious!

Please see below for tools & Ingredients.

 I just used the Following Ingredients and Tools:

Cupcake Pan
Cupcake Liners (I preferred to use the foil ones to give it the outdoors look)
 A 1M Wilton tip for the frosting
A Frosting Bag
A butter knife or large eating spoon to spoon in the frosting from container into the Frosting Bag.

1 box of chocolate Cake mix (your preference)
The Ingredients that the box of cake mix you chose requires
Buttercream or Vanilla Frosting
Graham Crackers
 Marshmallows (Mini for the topping)
Hershey’s Chocolate Bars (you can use kisses if you like, but I prefer the bars to be even with the Graham Crackers)

Side Note: You can also spoon out the middle of the Cupcake 5 minutes after they are out of the oven and put a large marshmallow in the center and while they are cooling it will soften the marshmallow and you have a marshmallow surprise when you bite into it. Then simply frost the cupcake and the frosting will cover the marshmallow.


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