Fancy Buttercream / Fondant Floral Cupcakes

Fancy Bridal Shower Cupcakes 1 Fancy Bridal Shower Cupcakes 2In Honor of Frosting Fridays I have decided to share with you one of my favorite cupcakes that I have ever done… I did these cupcakes for a good friend of mine who recently got married and I did them for her Bridal Shower. The flowers were all made of fondant and I embellished them with pearl sprinkles and buttercream frosting.

The Fondant Roses were so incredibly easy that my 4 year old was helping me do them. I used a 1M Wilton tip for the buttercream frosting and I also used Wilton Fondant for the roses and flowers and embellished them with Wilton Pearl Sprinkles.

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