Trusting in the Lord

Isaiah 40 31

Being a stay at home mom is probably one of the toughest jobs that I have ever experienced. I am sure that most moms can agree with that statement. Those who know me know that I have pretty much worked consistently as an Administrative Assistant my whole married life. I was once a Military Wife and some days a deployment sounded like a breeze compared to the kinds of days I’ve had. About 6 years into my marriage my husband and I decided to have children once he got home from his last and final deployment. We got pregnant within a weeks of trying, and when we had Aidyn. All I can say is that it was tough at first being a first time mom and all; I got the hang of it, it started to get easier the more acquainted we got and the older he got. He was such a beautiful baby boy I was obsessed and would not let him out of my sight and I could not stop staring at him and just had so much love and joy for a life that I created, and I couldn’t believe that I was capable of creating such a beautiful innocent life. I thanked God everyday for allowing us to be blessed with Aidyn in our life.

My husband and I had discussed previously that we wanted our children to have that “magical” two year gap, so they would be close in age and still somewhat be interested in the same things, and such. Now that Aidyn was at an age that we had to decide to let him to be an only child or allow him to have a sibling, and since Aidyn was such an easy baby to care for… why not have another? So, we prayed and asked God to add another blessing to our life, and decided to try for another, although it took us a year and a half to get pregnant again (we did lose hope after a year that I couldn’t get pregnant again) during that year we prayed and prayed and had to trust in the Lord to bless us with another baby to add to our small little family.

After months of trying, and about 12 pregnancy tests later (I also had irregular cycles, so any late or missed cycles kept me on my toes) we sort of gave up and the thought of having (but I was still praying) another baby faded and I just figured that was not what God had planned for us, and just let it go. Although a family of three was ok, but I wanted a family of four to balance us out. The months went by and we went on with our lives and I wasn’t obsessed anymore about adding another one to our family… it was on Mother’s day 2011 I woke up craving irregular food (I woke up that morning wanting fried chicken and pancakes) and spent the day constantly eating and my appetite was out of control and I got the nudge to take a pregnancy test, and I finally gave in and took one that evening and since the first one came out positive and I ended up taking three, and all 3 of the tests I took were positive!!! I would have to say that this was a moment in my life that I would NEVER forget and it was truly a personal gift from God that I would never forget. He surprised me on Mothers day of all days, and I don’t think a gift could top this one unless I won the lottery on my birthday! My husband even joked and told me that God one upped him on his gift… HaHa!

I trusted in the Lord and I NEVER gave up faith, trust or hope and he gave me the gift of life. He blessed our family with the most precious, beautiful, smart, and wonderful little girl a family could ask for. Although I was discouraged at times I knew that I had to pray consistently and continue to remind God that this was what I wanted and I wanted to add another precious life to our growing family. Although being a mother of two little children was a rude awakening and tougher than I could have thought… As the days turned into months I adapted to our new lifestyle and I of course have tough days, but the happier days outweigh the tough days for the most part, but I would not trade it for the world this was what I asked for and I am grateful to be a mother of two of my one-of-a-kind creations.

So, if you are in a situation and it seems as though there is no hope, or if you are in a dark place and need some light, just pray and TRUST in the Lord to get you out of what situation you are in. I trusted in the Lord and I continued to remind him that this is what I wanted and granted it wasn’t on my time, because I wanted to be pregnant immediately like I was with Aidyn, and not a year and a half down the road. I was his timing and he answered my prayers. He proved to me that he was there and he was listening to me and that I needed to rely on him and prove that I was worthy of his blessing. Now that my family is complete, and somewhat perfect I couldn’t ask for more.

Just trust in the Lord and he can do amazing things in your life I am a living testimony of it. Now that I am a mother of two, and a full time stay at home mom it has truly brought me closer to God, because no matter what I am dealing with whether it is spilled juice on the counter or two hungry kids screaming at me for their lunch and can’t wait five minutes for the oven to bake their corn dogs I just close my eyes and ask God for his strength and I honestly pray to him twenty times a day, because I have learned that he is my crutch and he gives me peace when it seems as though I am in the middle of a tornado… He truly cares about you and all you have to do is trust and have faith in him.



Lord, I know that you are amazing and you have shown me countless blessings in my life and I know that you are there listening to me and I know that you will never leave me nor forsake me.  I trust that you will answer my prayers and do what is best for me in my life here on earth.  -Amen