Mommy Hood!

Meet my son Aidyn :



As a mother of 2 (one 4 month old daughter and one 3 yr. old son) I have come to realize that I have motherhood has got to be the most rewarding, funny, and stressful things that a woman can possibly put herself through. Each day is different and yet my son is the star of my story (so far, I am sure my daughter will take the crown eventually). I never have a dull moment as a mother and each day I learn something new. Aidyn is such a happy kid and quite the little firecracker and a VERY quick learner as well as a sponge because he soaks up everything.

The lesson my son taught me today was you are never too young to do the smell my finger trick. We are at the tail end of potty training and (my son just turned 3 on february 2nd) he told me he had to go poop, so I told him “go use the potty I will be there in a minute to clean you up.” Well in the meantime my daughter started to cry so I naturally got her out of her swing and sat on the couch with her to help calm her down. Well my son comes running in the livingroom half naked and says “Mommy smell my finger” so I look at him puzzled and realized what is on his finger…. Yes, it is a finger FULL of poop! (No, I did not smell his finger to realize what it was) Talk about emotional rollercoaster I did not know whether to laugh or discipline him. Although it was funny I had to put my serious Mom face on, and I took him in the bathroom and explained that we don’t do that and it is nasty to touch our poop. Of course I told my husband what happened and we both got to laugh about it together… Being a mommy blesses me with moments like this and they are PRICELESS!